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Allen Rotary Christmas Parade (arrive at 12:00 to get setup)
End of Season Volleyball Banquet

Calendar View With Relevant Events

You have the ability to filter this calendar so that only events that are important to you are visible.  Simply choose the "Show Tag Menu" at bottom right corner of calendar.  This will display all "tags" within the site - which for the most part are the Teams within the program.  You can choose which events are visible by putting check marks next to the teams relevant to you.   This is basically what the site does when you visit a "Team Page" - it automatically filters the calendar view to just that Team.   If you expand a calendar within a "Team Page" and then come back to main Calendar page, those tags may follow you - changing the events visible at main Calendar.

Customized feeds by team have been created for you alreadyClick here or go to Subscribe page under Calendar menu above to find your feed.

If you would like to hide the tags inside the calendar view so that it is less cluttered, you can choose "Hide Tags" at the left bottom corner of the calendar.

If you would like pdf versions of team schedules to print, click here or go to the To Print page under the Calendar menu above.

"The will to win is more important than the skill to win.  It is possible to achieve only what you actively pursue."

~ Lloy Ball