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Performance Course Information

Performance Course takes a goal-oriented approach to develop speed, agility, mobility, functional strength and power. Performance nutrition, character development, mental preparation and goal setting techniques are also included in the curriculum to develop the whole athlete!


Performance Course is offering an opportunity for athletic development that will be taking place this summer! This program was developed by Performance Course to offer athletes the opportunity to develop both physically and mentally. 



The Performance Course summer female program takes place Monday - Friday beginning June 6th for 6-12th grade females. We will train from 11:00-12:00 at the Lowery Freshman Center Barn.

We want to ensure all athletes have the opportunity to participate. To receive more information from Performance Course, please fill out this link: and select “Summer” and “Allen High School”. This will ensure you receive information about the summer!

Online registration is available at

If you have any questions or need help with registration, please contact the Allen ISD Performance Course Director, John Clark ( and he will be glad to assist you.

Thanks and we hope your child has the opportunity to participate!