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North Texas Region Volleyball on Selecting a Club

Selecting a club is a family decision and takes some research. Although clubs must abide by general North Texas Region and USA Volleyball rules, each club is different in the way they run their organization and train their athletes. This is a big decision, commitment, and contract to an entire season! We highly recommend athletes and parents do their club research well in advance to tryouts. Check out club websites, talk to classmates and friends, call the club directors and coaches, etc. Club volleyball requires an investment of both time and money. It’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about your different options before making any decisions. Remember to avoid assumptions as you start this process. Don’t assume a big club is better than a small club. Don’t assume the right fit for your friend is the right fit for you. Talk to several different clubs as you start to gather information.

Tips for selecting a Club:

  • What is the club philosophy? To win? To improve? To have fun?
  • How many teams do you have at each age level?
  • Who are the coaches at my age level?
  • What is their background in coaching?
  • How is playing time allocated?
  • What are your club dues? Is there a payment schedule?
  • What is covered/not covered in that fee?
  • Are there any other financial obligations? Travel? Fundraising? Uniforms?
  • Where, when and how often do you practice?
  • Are practices mandatory? What if my child misses a practice? Misses a tournament?
  • Are players allowed to play other sports during the club volleyball season?
  • How long is your season?
  • How far and how often will the team be traveling?
  • What does my child want to get out of the club experience?
  • Can we afford the program we choose? Spending time researching your options will help you have the best season possible.

Upon official commitment to a club that is registered with North Texas Region / USA Volleyball, the athlete must remain with that club / team for the remainder of the Junior Volleyball season.